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Station Casinos LLC Spearheads Growth with Strategic Senior Note Offering


Benjamin Hughes

March 8, 2024 - 01:20 am


Station Casinos LLC Announces Strategic Financial Restructuring with New Senior Note Offering

LAS VEGAS, March 7, 2024 /PRNewswire/ -- In a significant financial move, Station Casinos LLC, a consolidated subsidiary of Red Rock Resorts, Inc. (NASDAQ: RRR), has declared that it has successfully priced its previously announced offer of Senior Notes. These notes are set to mature in the year 2032 (the "Notes"), attracting interest at 6.625% annually, and issued at a price equal to the total principal amount. With the offering expected to be finalized by March 14, 2024, pending standard closing conditions, the company has revised the aggregate principal amount for the notes down to $500.0 million from the initially projected $750.0 million.

Evolving the Existing Credit Structure for a Firmer Financial Standing

In coordination with the issuance of these Senior Notes, Station Casinos LLC anticipates a modification or refinancing of its Credit Agreement, originally signed on June 8, 2016. This involves the subsidiary guarantors, Deutsche Bank AG Cayman Islands Branch acting as the administrative agent and collateral agent, alongside the associated lenders. Plans include introducing a new senior secured term "B" loan facility amounting to $1,570.0 million, marking an increase from the previously disclosed $1,320.0 million (the "New Term B Facility" encompassing the term "B" loans funded therein, the "New Term B Loan"). Additionally, a fresh senior secured revolving credit facility totaling $1,100.0 million is being proposed (the "New Revolving Credit Facility," which, together with the New Term B Facility, constitutes the "New Credit Facilities"), coupled with various amendments to the existing credit structure.

Purposeful Allocation of Raised Capital to Streamline Corporate Finances

The Company has expressed its intention to utilize the net proceeds from this offering, supplemented by the net proceeds of the New Term B Loan and an additional $200.0 million drawn from the New Revolving Credit Facility. This strategy is earmarked to achieve specific financial goals, including the refinancing of all outstanding loans and commitments under the Current Credit Agreement. It is also intended to cover the fees and expenses linked to these transactions and to provide a foundation for general corporate purposes.

Observance of Regulatory Compliance in Notes Offering and Sale

Aligned with legal compliance, the Notes have been marketed and sold exclusively to qualified institutional buyers in accordance with Rule 144A under the Securities Act of 1933. The same compliance extends to international buyers as per Regulation S under the Securities Act. It's important to note that the Notes are not registered under the Securities Act, and unless this status changes, they cannot be publicly offered or sold within the United States. This applies except under circumstances meeting exemption requirements, or within transactions not subjected to registration obligations of the Securities Act, and other applicable state securities laws.

Red Rock Resorts Inc. Issues a Cautious Look Ahead

Station Casinos LLC accompanied its announcement with a forward-looking statement. Despite outlining the company's and management's future intentions, expectations, and predictions, there is an express acknowledgment that the proposed transactions are not guaranteed to proceed as planned. Variations in actual outcomes from those projected could potentially impact implementation. The Company is committed to keeping investors abreast of any significant divergence between the anticipated and actual results. Shareholders and prospective investors are therefore advised to closely monitor regular disclosures by Red Rock Resorts, Inc., the parent of the Company, which are filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission, including the Annual Report on Form 10-K for the year ended December 31, 2023.

Investment and Media Inquiries

For further investment-related insights, interested parties may direct their correspondence to Stephen L. Cootey (, reachable at (702) 495-4214. Media inquiries can be addressed to Michael J. Britt (, who is available at (702) 495-3693 for press information and updates.

Source Credit

The underpinning for this strategic finance revamp is drawn from Red Rock Resorts, Inc, the predominant source. As parent company to Station Casinos LLC, Red Rock Resorts, Inc. remains a focal point for the rollout of the financial restructure and the future trajectory it is expected to set the company on.

A Glimpse into Station Casinos LLC's Vision for the Future

As Station Casinos LLC embarks on this pivotal restructuring, with new capital generation strategies and significant credit agreement overhauls, the company sets its sights on bolstering its financial stability and future growth. The detailed approach to refinancing existing debt, combined with the careful orchestration of Senior Notes offerings, signals a deliberate and strategic financial pivot in its corporate journey. Indeed, the significant decrease in the aggregate principal amount of the offering from the original announcement, points to a calibrated response to market conditions and investor appetite.

Amidst the flurry of financial rearrangements and forecasting, Station Casinos LLC, under the broader corporate umbrella of Red Rock Resorts, Inc., challenges the economic status quo within the gaming and hospitality industry. The company's financial acumen, evidenced by their decisive adjustments to the New Credit Facilities, suggests a deep understanding of the intricate finance landscape and a readiness to act in the best interest of their long-term operational health.

The critical restructuring of the existing credit agreements, signaling resilience and foresight, paves the way for a new chapter for Station Casinos LLC. Commitments to substantial facilities like the New Term B Loan and the New Revolving Credit Facility add layers of confidence among stakeholders regarding the company's capability to navigate through complex refinancing processes.

As intricate as these financial maneuvers may appear, they serve as a cornerstone for the future that Station Casinos LLC envisions for itself – a future where calculated risk meets the prudence of strategized corporate gestures. The allocation of raised funds toward a blend of debt management and general corporate purposes not only underscores this vision but also accentuates a dual commitment: to fiscal responsibility and to the incremental growth of the company's operational base.

These strategic financial movements are not without their regulatory parameters. The carefully structured offering and sale of the Senior Notes, compliant with Rule 144A and Regulation S, exempts the company from potentially cumbersome obligations, while conscientiously adhering to the mandates of the Securities Act. This level of compliance further reinforces the company's commitment to governance and transparent financial dealings.

Station Casinos LLC takes a pragmatic stance with its assertive disclosures on the forward-looking statements. Through these projections, the company strikes a balance between optimism and rational caution, accounting for any potential swings that could impact their highly publicized plans. This full disclosure philosophy serves to instill confidence in investors and analysts who follow the financial epiphanies and setbacks that come with the casino and hospitality industries' complex terrain.

The open lines of communication dedicated for investors and press, facilitated by Stephen L. Cootey and Michael J. Britt respectively, reflect the organization's dedication to maintaining active engagement with its economic and media representatives. As tangible extensions of Red Rock Resorts, Inc.’s public relations efforts, these points of contact are integral to sustaining the flow of information and investor assurance.

In conclusion, the judicious decision-making exhibited by Station Casinos LLC through the announcements pertaining to the Senior Notes and amended Credit Facilities steers the organization toward an efficient financing corridor. As these plans take shape over the coming days, the precise impact of such finance reshuffles on the company’s growth trajectory will be a focal point for observers and stakeholders alike.

Red Rock Resorts, Inc., as the root source for this press release, remains a pivotal linchpin in the dissemination of information relevant to investors, analysts, and the media, ensuring clarity and continuity in the company's message during this sweeping financial reform.