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Revolutionizing Vegan Cuisine: Konscious Foods Garners Multiple 2024 Industry Awards


Benjamin Hughes

March 21, 2024 - 13:55 pm


Konscious Foods Celebrates a Haul of 2024 Industry Accolades for Trailblazing Plant-Based Delicacies

LOS ANGELES, March 21, 2024 -- The plant-based food sector has been witnessing a revolutionary era thanks to innovative brands such as Konscious Foods. This year at Expo West, the brand has been honoured with a suite of awards, acknowledging its significant impact on the industry with its trailblazing plant-based and vegan food products.

Recognition at Expo West and Beyond

Known for pushing the boundaries of vegan cuisine, Konscious Foods made headlines with its receipt of the 2024 Nexty Award for "Best Meat Alternative." The NEXTY Awards are a testament to the groundbreaking work being carried out in the natural products industry, celebrating brands that exhibit a strong commitment to sustainability and consumers' well-being.

Alongside this, the National Restaurant Association graced Konscious Foods with the 2024 FABI Awards, spotlighting the year's most innovative and trendsetting flavors. The FABI Awards are highly esteemed, with each entry meticulously evaluated by an independent panel of judges representing top-tier brands and organizations from the foodservice industry.

To add to its burgeoning trophy cabinet, VegNews, a principal vegan lifestyle magazine, awarded Konscious Foods the "Best New Vegan Product Award" at Expo West for its Kimbap Korean Veggie Rice Roll. This honor is a result of VegNews' editorial team reviewing thousands of plant-based products, highlighting the elite among the lot.

Lastly, Delicious Living Magazine crowned Konscious Foods with their "Best Frozen/Refrigerated Food Gold" Award for their Plant Based California Roll. This award resonates with Delicious Living's mission of guiding consumers through the expansive market of natural nourishment, and it acknowledges products that stand out for their natural quality and authenticity.

The Visionary Behind Konscious Foods

Yves Potvin, a name synonymous with plant-based innovation, is the chef and visionary founder of Konscious Foods. With his previous successful ventures—including Gardein™ and Yves Veggie Cuisine—Potvin continues to showcase his culinary expertise with Konscious Foods’ extensive range of products. The brand presents consumers with an array of mouth-watering alternatives, from plant-based sushi rolls and onigiri to smoked salmon and poke bowls. These delightful choices are made with an assortment of premium, clean ingredients including the konjac plant, assorted vegetables, whole grains, pea fiber, and legumes.

Having first introduced itself to the U.S. market in 2023, Konscious Foods embarked on a mission to deliver sustainable and impressive plant-based food products to the public. Their commitment to quality and taste has led to a rapidly expanding presence across the nation, with their products now available at over 4,500 locations.

Overcoming Barriers to Plant-Based Eating

Konscious Foods has recognized some of the common barriers consumers face when considering plant-based foods, namely taste, texture, price, and convenience. They've taken considerable strides to address these issues, ensuring that their offerings are not only flavorful but also easily accessible and competitively priced. Konscious Foods’ innovative approach has resulted in an increased selection of vegan-friendly foods, supporting those who are fully committed vegans, plant-curious individuals, or simply adventurous eaters looking to diversify their palates.

Anticipated trends indicate that by 2040, the majority of the global population may adopt flexitarian diets, minimizing their meat consumption. Konscious Foods aims to be at the forefront of this transformation by providing accessible, affordable, and convenient plant-based options in grocery stores.

Expanding Plant-Based Horizons

The brand's eye-catching success has not been limited to its original offerings. The addition of new creative options such as their Plant Based California Roll and Sno’Crab Blocks demonstrates Konscious Foods' commitment to innovation. Their products are designed to help people increase their vegetable intake without compromising on taste, a key factor in the transition towards more plant-based diets.

Furthermore, the widespread availability of Konscious Foods products across supermarkets like Whole Foods Markets, Albertson Safeway, Meijer, and others signifies the growing market for plant-based cuisine in mainstream retail. This extensive distribution network is complemented by the brand's presence in restaurants, foodservice venues, delis, and quick-service operations, demonstrating flexibility and catering to various consumer needs.

The Future of Food with Konscious Foods

Konscious Foods’ perspectives on the future of food revolve around better-for-you and better-for-the-world options. Each of their recipes is crafted to adhere to high standards of quality and sustainability, featuring non-GMO Project verified, gluten-free, organic where feasible, and free from additives like carrageenan and titanium dioxide.

The plant-based food innovator launched the world’s first frozen plant-based sushi rolls, onigiri stuffed rice snacks, and poke bowls, marking a significant step in the evolution of the vegan product landscape. Serving up deliciousness without compromise has been at the core of their philosophy since the inception of the company.

For those looking to find out more or locate the nearest Konscious Foods retailer, detailed information can be found on their store locator page.

About Konscious Foods

Konscious Foods is determined to reshape eating habits by offering delectable plant-based foods that please the palate and benefit the planet. Established in 2023, the company has been a pioneer in creating frozen plant-based sushi rolls, onigiri, poke bowls, and a diverse assortment of food products suitable for foodservice operators.

Their commitment to transparency and quality is evident in their sourcing and production processes, ensuring that the ingredients they use are ethically obtained and meet the highest standards of food safety.

For further information about Konscious Foods and their complete product lineup, you may visit their official website here.

Contact Information

For press inquiries or additional information regarding Konscious Foods, please reach out to Matt Heien, who is available to address any questions or comments you may have. He can be contacted through email at [email protected] or via phone at 917-864-7867.

Konscious Foods remains dedicated to providing exceptional customer service and is keen on fostering strong relationships with both customers and industry partners.


With consumer interest in plant-based diets surging, companies like Konscious Foods are setting the standard in the food industry. Through a combination of culinary innovation and a steadfast commitment to sustainability, they have earned multiple accolades and have made significant strides in making plant-based eating a viable and enjoyable option for all.

As the market continues to evolve, Konscious Foods stands as a beacon of plant-based progress, continually pushing the boundaries of what vegan food can be. Whether you are a long-time vegan or someone exploring the realm of plant-based eating, Konscious Foods offers an enticing gateway into a world of culinary delights that are good for you and good for the planet.

Note to Readers

All product images, awards details, and additional multimedia content can be accessed directly through the hyperlinks embedded in the press release. High-resolution images of the awards and product range are available for public viewing and download.

Konscious Foods continues to celebrate its achievements and is excited for the future developments in the plant-based sector. The company invites everyone to join them on this flavorful journey towards a more sustainable future.

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