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Revolutionizing Mental Health: Gabather AB's GT-002 Shows Promising Results


Robert Tavares

March 7, 2024 - 08:18 am


Gabather AB Announces Groundbreaking Results in Neuropsychiatric Drug Development

In a pivotal stride for the field of neuropsychiatric treatment, Gabather AB has shared promising outcomes from their latest clinical study. On March 7, 2024, the innovative pharmaceutical player reported encouraging data from a rigorous EEG/fMRI trial assessing their leading drug candidate GT-002, a GABAA-receptor positive allosteric modulator.

A Leap Forward in Clinical Trials

The clinical study conducted by Gabather AB—a double-blinded, placebo-controlled, cross-over phase Ib trial with healthy volunteers—has reached a significant milestone, meeting its primary objective by establishing a positive safety and tolerability profile for GT-002. This achievement marks a paramount step in the drug development process, showcasing a potential game changer in the treatment of various neuropsychiatric disorders.

Beyond safety, the trial also achieved its secondary objective of demonstrating target engagement within the human brain. It has been conclusively shown that GT-002 is safe and elicits a positive tolerance at dosages which are anticipated to be effective for treating patients afflicted with neuropsychiatric conditions.

Unraveling the Potential of GT-002

GT-002 has exhibited clinically relevant effects on the modulation of EEG frequency band power. Notably, this includes a significant elevation in alpha band power when measured two hours post-treatment. In comparison, the commonly used anxiolytic Lorazepam did not display a corresponding impact on EEG alpha band power against a placebo. These results highlight GT-002's unique influence on alpha band power across specific regions of the cortex, notably in the frontal and occipital areas.

The prominence of EEG alpha band power as a cognitive activity marker is well established, reflecting attention, relaxation, and a reduction in anxiety. Enhancements in alpha band power are thus perceived as potentially beneficial for several neuropsychiatric conditions. In particular, a linkage has been reported between the negative symptoms observed in schizophrenia patients and reduced alpha band power, illustrating the clinical relevance of GT-002's impact.

A Glimpse through the Brain's Window

According to Michael-Robin Witt, CEO of Gabather AB, the company has now validated that GT-002 engages with the human brain via oral administration. This confirmation has underscored the capability of EEG and neuroimaging techniques to act as instrumental tools in advancing the drug development process of their candidate drugs. With these results, the company is poised to commence clinical trials involving patients and to seek partnerships for the further evolution of GT-002.

Insight into GT-002’s Mechanism of Action

GT-002 stands out as a small molecule GABAA receptor Positive Allosteric Modulator (PAM), facilitating both tonic and phasic inhibitory currents. This compound has shown promise in preclinical models by enhancing learning and memory. Additionally, GT-002 has countered cognitive deficits induced by ketamine in discrimination learning task models, and it has mitigated behavioral impacts instigated by phencyclidine, a substance often employed in models simulating schizophrenia.

Furthermore, GT-002 has demonstrated anxiolytic properties and has fostered social interactions in rat models. Distinct from benzodiazepines, GT-002 interacts with a novel binding site on GABAA receptors and has not elicited any of the side effects typically associated with benzodiazepines. A pivotal benefit of GT-002 is the absence of withdrawal symptoms after treatment cessation, as observed in both rodent and canine models—signifying no associated risk of drug abuse.

The clinical passage of GT-002 has been progressive and favorable, having completed three phase I trials with healthy volunteers. The trials have encompassed Single Ascending Dose (SAD) and Multiple Ascending Dose (MAD) studies. These investigations have indicated that GT-002 is not only safe but also has excellent pharmacokinetic properties, encouraging once-a-day oral administration.

Gabather AB at the Vanguard of Innovative Treatment

The inception of Gabather stems from a pressing need for innovative solutions in the mental health treatment sector. As a clinical-stage pharmaceutical establishment, Gabather's mission is to revolutionize the treatment of a wide spectrum of neuropsychiatric disorders. Their dedication drives them to develop cutting-edge therapeutics, with an overarching aim to bring clinically meaningful options to patients.

For further insights into Gabather's endeavors and advancements, the public is welcome to explore their official website at

Ensuring Responsible Corporate Governance

Corpura Fondkommission AB serves as the Certified Adviser for Gabather, highlighting an element of reliability and confidence in corporate governance. Their role is not only pivotal for regulatory compliance but also indicative of Gabather's commitment to professional integrity and financial transparency.

Looking to the Horizon: Forward-Looking Statements

The anticipation around Gabather's strides in the biotech industry takes the shape of forward-looking statements that embody subjective estimates and forecasts about the future. Such statements are inherently tied to the speculative nature of research and development in the biotech field, characterizing the sector with both risks and uncertainties. Gabather's progressive outlook set forth in this press release remains an estimate as of the current date and is subject to change. The company's listing on the First North Growth Market and the association with Corpura Fondkommission AB as Certified Advisor further strengthen its market position.

In conclusion, Gabather AB is at the forefront of a significant evolution in neuropsychiatric drug development, empowered by the promising results of their GT-002 study. Their determination to refine and extend the therapeutic options available to those suffering from mental health disorders shines through their rigorous clinical trials and forward-thinking approaches.

Important Documentation for Review

The entire research community and other interested stakeholders can access detailed files related to this press release, ensuring complete transparency and accessibility of the evidence supporting these groundbreaking findings.

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In a healthcare landscape eager for innovation, the developments from Gabather signal a transformative future for those affected by neuropsychiatric conditions. The meticulous approach and expertise demonstrated in their clinical trials serve as a testament to the potential that GT-002 holds. It is a beacon of hope not only for patients but for a realm yearning for advancements that translate into real-world outcomes and improved quality of life.

Gabather AB continues to strive towards a future where diseases of the mind are treated with the same precision and care as physical ailments. As the world watches, the success of GT-002 could very well herald a new era in the treatment of neuropsychiatric disorders, an era where the right medication can transform lives without the burden of side effects characteristic of older treatment modalities.

This news article has been formulated based on the information provided by Gabather AB and contains forward-looking statements. While every effort has been made to ensure accuracy and thoroughness, the dynamic nature of the biotech industry means that the future may unfold differently. As we look ahead, the promise of GT-002 offers hope and illustrates science's perpetually evolving journey to comprehend and ameliorate the human condition.

SOURCE: Gabather AB

(Note: This news article has been composed to provide the latest insights from Gabather AB in regards to their clinical study results and does not represent the views or opinions of the publisher.)

Final Reflections

Gabather AB's breakthrough in neuropsychiatric drug development stands as a milestone not only for the company but for the medical community at large. As we await further detailed analyses and subsequent patient trials, the healthcare field remains optimistic about the prospects of GT-002, a drug with potential revolutionary significance for mental health therapy.

As we forge ahead, the trajectory charted by the initial results promises to reshape our understanding of neuropsychiatric treatment and the lives of those it aims to mend. Gabather AB's unwavering commitment to innovation will undoubtedly continue to inspire hope and anticipation for the future of mental health care.

With the positive clinical data of GT-002, Gabather AB has encapsulated the essence of progress in the fight against neuropsychiatric disorders. The medical community eagerly anticipates the ongoing evolution of this treatment, which could lead to a pivotal turning point for patients worldwide.