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Revolutionizing Immunization: Recbio and Rongsheng Biotech's Breakthrough Vaccine Partnership


Robert Tavares

March 27, 2024 - 02:49 am


Pioneering Partnership: Recbio and Rongsheng Biotech Forge New Vaccination Horizons

In a remarkable development from TAIZHOU, China, dated March 26, 2024, the esteemed Jiangsu Recbio Technology Co., Ltd., also known as Recbio, has officially joined hands with Shanghai Rongsheng Biotech Co., Ltd., referred to as "Rongsheng Biotech," to invigorate the field of immunization. A momentous signing and project launch event marked the commencement of their joint venture into new adjuvant vaccine research and development, unfolding in the eminent city of Shanghai. During this prestigious gathering, the entities entered into a strategic collaboration agreement directly tied to the new adjuvant vaccine project and undertook comprehensive discussions on the modalities of propelling the project forward.

According to the conditions established within the agreement, the entities have vowed to amalgamate their expertise to curate novel adjuvant vaccines. Recbio pledges to deliver its proprietary new adjuvant, a byproduct of its sophisticated new adjuvant technology platform. Concurrently, Rongsheng Biotech is set to contribute its uniquely designed viral antigen. This synergistic project aims to fortify the ongoing vaccine developments at Rongsheng Biotech with these advanced adjuvants, thereby enhancing immunogenic responses and refining the vaccination protocol.

Dr. Liu Yong, the founding force, chairman of the board, and general manager of Recbio, declared that this collaboration represents a pivotal milestone for Recbio's adjuvants in augmenting the capabilities of industry chain collaborators. New adjuvants are of paramount importance to the innovation and practical deployment of groundbreaking vaccines. With a foundation built upon its proprietary new adjuvant technology platform, Recbio has made headway in conceiving numerous avant-garde vaccines endowed with these new adjuvants, which have demonstrated superior clinical efficacy and garnered both competitive and market potential. The company is poised with optimism to harvest fruitful outcomes from its endeavor with Rongsheng Biotech, and confident that their mutual ventures will catalyze the innovative evolution of vaccines for humanity.

Zhu Shaorong, the visionary founder and chairman of Rongsheng Biotech, expressed that the company prides itself on establishing a pivotal technology platform for the intricate assembly of 'virus + bacteria' vaccines through rigorous independent innovation and research. With expansive production capacities, the company has made significant strides in technological advancements and breakthrough upgrades in its scientific explorations of various developmental vaccine products. This strategic alliance is geared toward the vanguard of vaccine ingenuity and the pulse of market demands. It leverages the scientific research strengths and innovative accomplishments of both parties, encouraging persistent and profound cooperation to catalyze the development and commercialization of new adjuvant vaccines. Zhu conveyed a triumphant confidence in converging with Recbio to propel strategic cooperation that will indeed enhance human life, health, and an overarching sense of public health security through unparalleled clinical performance.

Innovating for Global Health: The Recbio Odyssey

Jiangsu Recbio Technology Co., Ltd., established in 2012 and recognized in the industry simply as Recbio, is a trailblazing vaccine company driven by its indigenous technologies. Dedicated to the noble mission of "Protect human health with best-in-class vaccines," Recbio has fashioned an impressive repertoire of vaccine products exclusively licensed to address the critical vacuum in high-impact infectious diseases. Over a span exceeding two decades, Recbio has meticulously forged three groundbreaking platforms: a novel adjuvant platform, a protein engineering platform, and an immunological evaluation platform. This trinity of platforms positions Recbio as one of the global frontrunners in both the innovation and manufacturing of a complete spectrum of novel adjuvants.

The company thrives on the seamless integration of these three innovative platforms, consistently spearheading the discovery of promising vaccine candidates. These state-of-the-art platforms fuel Recbio's endeavours, founding a high-value portfolio of innovative vaccines that includes over ten potential blockbuster vaccines. These products target diseases of substantial burden such as cervical cancer, shingles, RSV infection, and other pervasive ailments, elevating them as frontrunners in terms of both development and clinical advancement in China. With dedication and precision honed over a decade, Recbio is primed to harvest the rewards of their labor with several products on the precipice of commercialization.

Visionary Commitment and Cautionary Disclosure

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Inquiries and Further Engagement

For those interested in learning more about Jiangsu Recbio Technology Co., Ltd., avenues for investor inquiries are made readily available. Contact information includes email at [email protected] and a telephone line at +86-0523-86818860. Similarly, media inquiries can be directed to email at [email protected] and utilize the same telephone contact. Recbio maintains its commitment to transparent and open communication channels, fostering an environment conducive to informed dialogue and potential collaboration.

Navigating the Information Highway

For a deeper dive into the company's undertakings and innovations, Recbio extends an invitation to visit its dedicated website. Resourceful and informative, the website can be accessed at, allowing for a comprehensive understanding of the company's vision, mission, and milestones.

Provided by Jiangsu Recbio Technology Co., Ltd., the shared content offers a lens into the collaborative ventures and strategic advancements shaping the future of vaccine research and development. In this unwavering pursuit of health innovation, Recbio and Rongsheng Biotech demonstrate an exemplary partnership poised to leave a significant footprint in the global healthcare landscape.