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Revolutionizing Cancer Diagnostics: Immunovia's Groundbreaking Pancreatic Assay


Benjamin Hughes

April 9, 2024 - 07:13 am


Immunovia Announces Breakthrough in Pancreatic Cancer Testing with Precision Assays

LUND, Sweden, April 9, 2024 – Immunovia, a pioneering diagnostics company dedicated to improving pancreatic cancer outcomes through early detection, has shared an exciting update today. The NASDAQ-listed company, also traded under the Stockholm Stock Exchange as IMMNOV, revealed that it has successfully engineered precise and reliable assays designed to measure targeted proteins for its revolutionary next-generation test.

In a significant development reported back in November 2023, Immunovia reached a pivotal milestone after concluding a discovery study. The extensive analysis investigated nearly 3,000 proteins, which led to the identification of 15 promising protein biomarkers. These are earmarked for use in the next iteration of Immunovia's test targeting the early stages of pancreatic cancer.

This promising venture is made possible thanks to a partnership with Proteomedix, part of Onconetix. This collaboration has culminated in the creation of these accurate assays. These tools are crucial for further progress in the project, namely, a model-development study is set to leverage these results.

The high-throughput ELISA testing platform stands at the heart of the newly formulated assays, which will pivot away from the IMMray platform previously utilized for Immunovia's IMMray PanCan-d test. This strategic shift promises significant reductions in production lead times and the cost of goods, signaling a pivotal step in streamlining and cost-effectiveness for Immunovia's upcoming test.

Jeff Borcherding, Immunovia's CEO, commented on the achievement, remarking on the team's rapid development pace of assays using the ELISA platform. This significant milestone is not only expected to fast-track the development process but also paves the way for future affordability in testing.

Immunovia is in the throes of a model-development study for this next-generation test, with an aim to refine and select the most efficient biomarkers for inclusion. Another goal is the creation of an algorithm to yield diagnostic results, and preliminary assessments will also be made on the test's clinical performance, focusing on sensitivity and specificity. Results from the study are anticipated in early Q2 2024, as informed by the company.

For further information or inquiries, Immunovia invites contact with their CEO and President, Jeff Borcherding, through his email address [email protected], or the Chief Financial Officer, Karin Almqvist Liwendahl, at [email protected] or by phone at +46 709 11 56 08.

Understanding Immunovia's Mission

Immunovia AB, at its essence, is a life sciences company with an unyielding focus on enhancing survival rates for pancreatic cancer sufferers by promoting the early detection of the disease. Their approach is centered around the development and release of straightforward blood-based tests. These tests are designed to identify proteins and antibodies that are indicative of pancreatic cancer, even in its early stages.

This endeavor involves a collaborative effort with healthcare providers, recognized authorities in the field, and patient advocacy groups. The collective aim is to ensure that Immunovia's transformative tests reach individuals classified as having an elevated risk of developing pancreatic cancer.

The Imperative Role of Early Detection in the USA

The United States stands as the largest market for pancreatic cancer detection. Immunovia's data suggests that approximately 1.8 million Americans are considered high-risk for the disease and would benefit from annual surveillance testing. Their proactive approach indicates a strong commitment to public health and the prevention of cancer-related mortalities through early detection practices.

Valuable investor and stakeholder information about Immunovia is publicly available as the company's shares (IMMNOV) are listed on Nasdaq Stockholm. Their corporate website,, serves as a resource for detailed insights and updates.

Additional Information and Material for Download

This transformative development from Immunovia has been disseminated to the public by Cision through their news platform, which is available at Further details and findings can be found in a press release available at For those interested in more comprehensive data or documentation, Immunovia has made available a download for the press release in PDF format at

The Path Ahead for Immunovia and Pancreatic Cancer Diagnostics

With the advent of Immunovia's exploratory assays, the foundation is being laid for a future where early detection of pancreatic cancer is not just possible, but widely accessible. The creation of the assays represents a synergy of biotechnological expertise and strategic market understanding to fulfill a greater mission of saving lives.

The adaptation of the ELISA platform, a move from the proprietary IMMray technology, denotes a strategic calculation to harness the ubiquity and scalability of this existing platform. This adaptability shown by Immunovia is critical in their quest to refine the production process, bringing improved testing solutions to fruition with increased efficiency and cost control.

Driven by evidence, the intensive studies and research driving this assay development fortify a mission entrenched in scientific rigor. The selection and advancement of 15 promising protein biomarkers were derived from an overarching evaluation of thousands, a testament to Immunovia's thorough and precise approach in combatting pancreatic cancer.

Looking forward, the model-development study operates as the nexus for bringing these biomarkers into a clinically viable asset. It is where science meets application to concretize these discoveries into a diagnostic tool that can tip the scales in the fight against one of the most lethal forms of cancer.

A Widespread Call to Action

The immense potential benefit of this next-generation test speaks volumes, as 1.8 million high-risk individuals in the USA stand to gain access to lifesaving diagnosis. It is a clarion call to action for stakeholders involved in healthcare, policy, and patient welfare to support and integrate this pioneering approach into prevalent medical screening protocols.

Immunovia does not operate in isolation; their progress is predicated on a broader collaboration with skilled professionals across the healthcare spectrum. Partnering with industry-leading experts and aligning with passionate advocates ensures a comprehensive and inclusive advancement of this diagnostic method.

Investor Confidence and the Road to Commercialization

A listed entity on Nasdaq Stockholm, Immunovia’s transparent communication channels via its website and with its investors underscores its commitment as a publicly accountable enterprise. This open-book approach is instrumental in fostering confidence among stakeholders as the company navigates from research and development into the realms of commercialization and widespread clinical adoption.

Every stride taken by Immunovia resonates with the significance of timing: an early diagnosis could mean a substantially better prognosis for those afflicted by pancreatic cancer. In anticipation of the results from the upcoming model-development study, all eyes are on the timeline projected for early Q2 2024, a potential inflection point in diagnostic history.

Understanding the Diagnostic Potential of Blood-Based Tests

Immunovia’s initiative to produce non-invasive blood tests that are capable of detecting signs of pancreatic cancer in its initial stages could revolutionize the standard of care for at-risk individuals. The simplicity and minimal invasiveness of a blood test elevate its potential use as a regular screening tool for those predisposed to the condition.

The influence of early detection is indisputable in the prognosis of pancreatic cancer. Immunovia's strides in assay development reflect a keen understanding of this reality. It's not merely a scientific pursuit; it's a race against time where every moment counts to outpace the progress of this aggressive malignancy.

Conclusion: A Beacon of Hope in Oncology

Immunovia's innovative developments in pancreatic cancer detection assays are not just a triumph in diagnostics but serve as a beacon of hope in oncology. The journey from identification of biomarkers to the imminent release of test results exemplifies the company's dedication to its mission. The health community and, more importantly, future patients look on with great anticipation as Immunovia charts the course towards a future where early detection of pancreatic cancer becomes a common reality.

As the last word has yet to be written in this chapter of medical advancement, the broader implications of Immunovia's success with targeted protein assays for the early detection of pancreatic cancer could well redefine international standards in cancer diagnostics. Their continued commitment to research, collaboration, and accessibility marks a new epoch for patient care and, optimistically, a new dawn in the prolonged struggle against pancreatic cancer.