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Revolutionary Spectrum Control Module Redefines Defense Digitization


Robert Tavares

May 8, 2024 - 21:59 pm


Spectrum Control Unleashes High-Speed Digitization Module for Defense Systems

FREDERICK, Md., May 8, 2024 /PRNewswire/ -- Spectrum Control Inc., a leader in advanced RF and digital systems, has unveiled its trailblazing DirectRF+™ Transceiver Extension, a significant enhancement to its renowned SCi Blocks family of modules. Designed to push the boundaries of RF digitization and conditioning, the latest DirectRF+™ addition is destined to redefine mission deployment for next-generation defense systems in a 3U VPX module format.

This paradigm-shifting module does not only assure unparalleled high-speed digitization of up to eight RF inputs and outputs, but it also transcends the conventional limitations of signal processing, providing a substantial advantage in the competitive aerospace and defense markets. Spectrum Control's innovation lies in its pioneering integration of miniaturized, wideband RF into compact RF-on-mezzanine and System-in-Packaging (SiP) devices, delivering elite signal conditioning and conversion without trade-offs.

The new DirectRF+™ module from Spectrum Control enables customers to rapidly deploy configurable wideband RF front-ends with high-speed digital signal conversion.

Unmatched Flexibility for Defense Applications

This innovative SCi Blocks RF+Digital module targets an array of aerospace and defense applications and is highly adaptable to both existing and forthcoming defense platforms. Its potential extends to compact platforms such as UAVs and expendables, pointing out the versatility of the module. This DirectRF+™ module is not just an addition; it is a multi-role solution enabling a seamless transition among various missions—from radar operations to SIGINT collection to Electronic Warfare (EW)—all housed within a single SOSA-aligned 3U VPX module. The fusion of high-fidelity RF signal management with sophisticated digital conversion endows system engineers with the capacity for multi-mission execution and a previously unattainable compactness and density.

Revolutionary Digital Signal Conversion

Emerging from the strategic alliance with Altera® is the incorporation of the Agilex™ 9 FPGAs into the new extension, a significant leap in the digitization of eight RF inputs and outputs capable of sample rates rocketing up to 64 Gsps alongside ultra-low converter interface latency. The avant-garde Altera FPGA enhances digital modularity and interoperability in modern RF systems, heralding an era of integrated analog-to-digital conversion and processing, granting users an exceptional boost in performance.

Ian Dunn, Chief Technology Officer at Spectrum Control, expressed the organization's vision, "The advent of Altera's Agilex™ 9 SoC FPGA Direct RF-Series marks a transformative moment for the SWaP-C (Size, Weight, Power, and Cost) dynamics of future ISR missions within the electromagnetic spectrum. Our SCi Blocks family is poised to streamline the deployment of cutting-edge wideband RF+Digital systems. The architectural modularity and channel control are crucial to combining digital and analog technologies into a single-slot solution of high caliber. By miniaturizing essential functions, we enable enhancement of capabilities or support of new mission parameters—alongside making way for increased software functionality and embedding of AI technologies."

John Sotir, Senior Director Military, Aerospace, and Government Business Unit at Altera, highlighted the collaboration's importance, "Altera's Agilex™ 9 SoC FPGAs Direct RF-Series emboldens partners like Spectrum Control to adopt next-generation technologies expeditiously, thereby delivering cutting-edge technology to the Defense Industrial Base."

A Glimpse into Altera® Agilex™ 9 SoC FPGA Direct RF-Series

Digging deeper, the Altera Direct RF Series FPGAs are epitomes of wideband system solutions, amalgamating integrated data converters with outstanding sample rates of up to 64 Gsps, extensive RF input bandwidth of up to 36 GHz, with the programmable versatility of FPGAs. Encased in a singular unit, benefiting SWaPC with reduced RF-to-baseband latency, such integration imparts instantaneous bandwidths spanning up to 32 GHz and formidable frequency agility, all encapsulated in compact packaging. Contributing to this advancement are Intel marks which stand as renowned trademarks of Intel Corporation and its subsidiaries.

Delving into the SCi Blocks Family

Exploring Spectrum Control's SCi Blocks, one encounters an architectural blueprint that redefines RF incorporation into digital defense mechanisms. This platform consists of SiPs, RF-on-mezzanine, and SOSA-aligned 3U OpenVPX modules, all proclaiming drastic SWaP diminutions. These elements pledge an open-standard digital interface for tuning, overseeing, and control coupled with significantly streamlined system integration. Further insights can be gleaned from visiting

About Spectrum Control

At the heart of Spectrum Control's essence is the commitment to ensure the transmission of highly dependable, high-fidelity radio signals, pivotal in life-and-death scenarios within mission-critical tasks. The company boasts the most extensive array of steadfast products tuned for the electromagnetic spectrum's precise control: from components to IMAs, subsystems to RF+Digital blocks, not to mention customized solutions. The company's knack for design and manufacturing has spawned disruptive products that offer unprecedented size and performance benefits. A trust that leading entities and governments place in Spectrum Control is a testament to its ability to conceive, engineer, and construct devices and solutions fostering connectivity and security worldwide.

RF+, RF+Digital, DirectRF+, and SCi Blocks are considered proprietary trademarks of Spectrum Control Inc.

The Pinnacle of RF Digitization

In summary, the spectral landscape of defense technologies has reached a pivotal epoch with Spectrum Control's DirectRF+™ module. Attuned to the pressing demands of high-speed signal processing and modular design, this innovation is set to be a linchpin for a myriad of defense applications. With the power and agility granted by FPGA integration and the foresight for AI implementations, Spectrum Control's latest advancement not only meets the intricate needs of the modern electromagnetic spectrum challenges but also considerably propels forward the realm of defense systems design.

Among the hallmark traits defining this DirectRF+™ module is the pronounced reduction in SWaP-C, which has perennially been a pressing concern across the defense spectrum. System developers now have access to leading-edge technology that enables a breadth of capabilities while ingratiating existing tactical platform frameworks and engendering new application realms such as for expendables and UAVs.

In partnership with Altera, Spectrum Control is not just manufacturing components; it is crafting the very future of defense technology. It is reshaping the ways in which digital and analog realms communicate, thereby bridging gaps and transcending limitations that have long fettered system developers. This collaboration is not merely an integration of sophisticated chipsets but an amalgamation of visions for the future—visions that recognize the need for more programmable, more adaptable, and ultimately more powerful defense platforms.

Spectrum Control's grasp on innovation is self-evident—it is a company that fully embraces its role as a creator of the building blocks for tomorrow's solutions. As the company marches on, the assurance of its products' reliability and performance continues to bolster its reputation as an industry standard bearer. To tackle the electronic challenges faced across both terrestrial and extraterrestrial theaters, Spectrum Control's modules emerge as quintessential tools for achieving operational superiority.

This revelation marks just the beginning of a new saga in defense systems technology, with Spectrum Control leading the charge. Their strategic introductions of DirectRF+™ to the market signal a transformation in defense systems deployment, characterized by speed, flexibility, and cutting-edge performance. It is a significant moment for stakeholders across the defense industry, who can now envisage and actualize unprecedented missions within the electromagnetic spectrum.

Spectrum Control's announcement stands as an open invite to explore what is possible when front-line technology converges with strategic foresight. The SCi Blocks family is a foundation, one that supports not only the present but also the years to come—a testament to ingenuity and a pledge for a more secure and connected global defense infrastructure.

For further information on the SCi Blocks family and the future that Spectrum Control is forging, one can visit their official website. In a world where technological leaps can mean the difference between dominance and obsolescence, Spectrum Control is committed to ensuring that the future favors the prepared, and with DirectRF+™, that future is now.

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In Conclusion

Spectrum Control's momentous launch of the DirectRF+™ module is a beacon of innovation that exemplifies the company's profound understanding of the defense industry's evolving landscape. With this groundbreaking development, Spectrum Control reaffirms its commitment to pioneering solutions that empower military and aerospace applications, solidifying their stature as architects of the next echelon of defense systems technology.

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