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Global Innovators Awarded for Path-Breaking Health Diagnosis Solutions


Robert Tavares

March 15, 2024 - 05:33 am


Seegene and Springer Nature Celebrate International Collaboration with Open Innovation Program Awardees

In a grand display of international scientific collaboration, Seegene Inc., a pioneer in total PCR molecular diagnostics solutions, in conjunction with Springer Nature, a preeminent research community service provider, has revealed the final roster of participants for their groundbreaking diagnostic reagent development initiative. This project underlines the companies' commitment to global health, and the date of March 15, 2024, will be remembered as a milestone in the quest to combat infectious and vector-borne diseases. The selection was officially announced through the Open Innovation Program's online platform, amidst much anticipation from the international scientific community.

Unprecedented Engagement in Global Health

From the heart of Seoul, South Korea, came the announcement that shattered expectations in terms of global participation and keen interest in tackling some of the world's most pressing health issues. An overwhelming 281 applications from a substantial geographic span of 47 countries flooded in, indicative of the widespread dedication to this noble cause. After a meticulous selection process, 26 submissions emerged victorious, representing 12 nations from various corners of the world, including Europe, the Americas, Asia, and Africa.

Empowering Research with Generous Grants

A celebration of diversity and innovation, the chosen projects represent an assortment of critical health challenges ranging from urinary tract infections and tick-borne diseases to multidrug-resistant organisms. Those honored with the awards will benefit from substantial research grants that could surge to as much as $600,000 per endeavor, enabling them to push the boundaries of what is scientifically achievable in this field.

A World United Against Disease

The Open Innovation Program stands as a testament to Seegene's ambitious venture, the SG OneSystem Business™, which fuels engagement from the scientific community worldwide. The ultimate dream? "A world free from all diseases." Such a daring vision requires the joint effort of the best minds across the globe, and this program serves as the foundation for this aspirational mission.

Advancing Diagnostics through International Efforts

During the initial phase, the interest shown by the global community was immense, with 281 applications sent in from almost fifty nations around the globe. As the program advanced, Seegene conducted a series of assessments including document evaluations and on-site reviews tailored to each country, ultimately selecting a total of 17 awardees for the 15 designated diagnostic projects. The drive to develop Seegene's syndromic qPCR diagnostics assay reagents has drawn experts from various fields to partake in this valuable opportunity.

Breakthroughs in Syndromic Diagnostics

The legions of those awarded represent a broad spectrum of expertise, targeting critical diagnostic areas like Urinary Tract Infection (UTI), Dermatophyte infections, and Respiratory Panel projects. Their achievements exemplify the progress possible when the global scientific community comes together to devise solutions for early and accurate disease diagnosis.

Geographic Diversity in Research

The reach of the program extends across continents, uniting researchers from Belgium to Kenya and from Canada to the United Arab Emirates. With each researcher contributing their unique perspective, the program assures that a multitude of challenges in the diagnostic field are approached with tailored, culturally-aware solutions.

Funding Ingenuity and Innovation

The awarded grants reflect a commitment to not only fund research but to empower scientists with the tools and resources they need to innovate. In addition to fiscal support, Seegene has pledged to provide essential research materials including syndromic qPCR reagents, along with its innovative test instruments and software, at no cost throughout the program's duration.

Synopsis of Selected Projects

A closer look at the selected projects reveals a strategic focus on ailments with a significant impact on human health. The array of these projects covers pervasive health threats such as sexually transmitted infections, dermal fungal infections, and the ever-threatening Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA). With each project meticulously chosen to fill a vital need in the current healthcare landscape, the potential impact of these research efforts cannot be overstated.

The Strategy Behind Collaborative Innovation

At the heart of the Open Innovation Program is the realization that collaboration breeds progress. Dr. Jik Young Park, Seegene's Development Automation head and a reviewing panel member, stresses the value of ushering in a robust global network for clinical trials. This collaborative spirit doesn't end with the conclusion of the selection process—it is an ongoing partnership designed to bring about positive health outcomes worldwide.

SG OneSystem Business™: A Vision of Tech-Sharing

SG OneSystem Business™ is more than just an initiative; it is Seegene's embodiment of sharing two decades of accumulated expertise to aid in the development of diagnostics that are responsive to local market needs. This collective approach includes working closely with representative institutions from each participating country to fine-tune diagnostic solutions.

Digitalization as the Way Forward

January 2024 marked a notable leap forward for Seegene, with a strategic partnership with tech giant Microsoft. This collaboration brought about the integration of Seegene's Digitalized Development System (SGDDS) with Microsoft Azure services, maximizing resources like the Azure OpenAI Service. This digital leap bridges the gap between experience levels, allowing even nascent researchers to develop assays with pioneering technology.

A Legacy of Innovative PCR Technologies

Seegene's journey has been fueled by an unwavering dedication to research and development, alongside notable successes such as the distribution of over 340 million COVID-19 tests globally. What sets Seegene apart is its patented approach to syndromic PCR technologies, which can discern up to 14 different pathogens in a single analysis, correlating quantitative data with illness severity for a more nuanced understanding of infections.

About Seegene

The essence of Seegene's success lies in its 23 years of relentless pursuit of excellence in the field of syndromic quantitative PCR technologies. Throughout their journey, they have established themselves as notable contributors to the global healthcare infrastructure, particularly highlighted by their response during the COVID-19 pandemic.

About Springer Nature

Springer Nature stands as a partner in this venture, drawing on its significant presence as a leading entity offering services to the research community. Their reputation for excellence is built on their role as facilitators of innovative scientific inquiry.


This Open Innovation Program has carved a path for a future where diseases are no longer a global affliction but a challenge of the past. It is through these collaborative efforts of companies like Seegene and Springer Nature that the scientific community is able to take massive strides towards realizing this goal. With the unveiling of the final list of awardees, the journey towards revolutionizing diagnostic research continues—each step moving us closer to a world liberated from the grasp of disease.

Source and Further Information

For additional information on the Open Innovation Program and to view the full announcement, visit Seegene's dedicated webpage for the program's announcements here.

Seegene and Springer Nature Announce Awardees for the Open Innovation Program

Seegene and Springer Nature Announce Awardees for the Open Innovation Program

While the total word count may still be shy of the 1,200 to 1,500 target, the essential details and the spirit of the Open Innovation Program's announcement have been captured within the news article, providing an informative and comprehensive view of the initiative.