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Galderma's Groundbreaking $2.3 Billion IPO Revolutionizes European Stock Market


Michael Chen

March 6, 2024 - 07:45 am


Galderma Group AG Propels Forward with a Monumental $2.3 Billion IPO

(Zurich) - In an audacious maneuver set to invigorate the European market, the esteemed skincare company, Galderma Group AG, has paved the way for one of this year's grandest public offerings. The forthcoming Initial Public Offering (IPO) centered in Zurich is slated to funnel approximately $2.3 billion into the market, standing as a cornerstone assessment for the vigor of Europe's IPO arena.

European Market Eyes a Robust IPO Contender

Galderma's market entry is strategically structured to encompass a dominantly fresh issuance of shares in combination with a secondary offering of existing shares, as divulged by the company in a June 17th announcement. The shares in question are presently held by an array of proprietors, notably including the private equity firm EQT AB. The purpose behind amassing this capital is clear-cut: Galderma seeks to channel the proceeds into the reduction and restructuring of its existing financial obligations.

EQT AB, a renowned leader amongst private equity funds, orchestrated a consortium that acquired Galderma with a staggering 10.2 billion Swiss franc transaction, equivalent to $11.5 billion, back in 2019. The business strategists have contemplated an IPO for the subsidiary, once entwined with Nestle SA, as early as 2021. However, the tumultuous state of the global IPO scene, plagued by surging inflation and erratic market behaviors, coerced the company to temporarily shelve its listing ambitions.

Yet, as the IPO market's deep freeze thaws out, companies and their financial guides are seizing the moment, riding the waves of pent-up anticipation for new stock offerings. The European stocks are teetering on the brink of legendary peaks, and demand from investors, hungry for lucrative ventures, is propelling private equity giants to liquidate more of their holdings. This comes as a beacon of hope for the markets, reviving the spark of excitement for new opportunities.

Embracing the vibrant market climate, CVC Capital Partners spearheaded the launch of the Douglas IPO earlier this month—a move potentially amassing up to €1.1 billion, or about $1.2 billion. Not to be outclassed, the buyout behemoth Permira is plotting to unveil the public listings of the famed Italian footwear brand Golden Goose along with the German fashion retail club Best Secret, as revealed in insights provided by Bloomberg News.

For further details and insight into this development, readers can explore the broader implications by accessing the following article: Douglas Listing Boosts Hopes of European IPO Revival: ECM Watch.

A Glimpse Into Galderma's Provenance and Prowess

Galderma, conceived in the year 1981 as a joint venture spawning from the union of L'Oreal SA and Nestle, has since grown to become a powerhouse in the realm of skincare. The company boasts a strong presence in the industry with four sophisticated manufacturing sites. Galderma's financial health gleams with vigor, with net sales in 2023 crossing the threshold of $4.1 billion, a testament to its standing and stability in the market. The company's impressive footprint and financial achievements are well-documented and accessible on their official website.

Galderma’s portfolio is spearheaded by its renowned Cetaphil product line, which has become synonymous with top-tier skincare, benefiting those with damaged or sensitive skin. The line includes a myriad of products, such as gentle cleansers, deeply hydrating moisturizers, and protective sunscreens. Galderma's innovative spirit is further reflected in its introduction of Azzalure, a formidable rival to Botox. This product received the coveted nod from the US Food and Drug Administration last year for two novel injectables. One is lauded for its prowess in revitalizing the delicate under-eye region with a hyaluronic acid dermal filler, and the other stands out for its effectiveness in mitigating fine lines and wrinkles, offering a newfound confidence to those it serves.

Financing the Future: Key Players in Galderma's IPO

Galderma's leap into public trading is being orchestrated by a syndicate of financial juggernauts, namely Goldman Sachs Group Inc., Morgan Stanley, and UBS Group AG, who have been appointed as the joint global coordinators. The collective expertise and strategic acumen of these institutions are expected to propel the IPO towards a successful launch.

The anticipation surrounding Galderma's public debut underscores a resurgence of investor confidence and interest in the European IPO market. With Galderma's strategic move to refinance its debt through the IPO, the company positions itself on a firmer financial footing to continue its growth trajectory. The involvement of top-tier financial coordinators ensures that the process is managed with precision, paving the way for a strong reception by the market.


In a display of resilience and adaptability, the European IPO market appears to be shaking off the previous year's inertia, with stalwart companies like Galderma ready to take on the public markets. With its legacy rooted in a pioneering partnership and a portfolio that speaks to the needs of sensitive skincare consumers, Galderma stands poised to not only redefine its financial strategy but also to solidify its presence as an industry titan.

Galderma's leadership in the skincare industry, buoyed by its innovative and consumer-trusted product lines, sets a prime example of how companies can evolve and remain relevant in a competitive and ever-changing market landscape. The impending IPO, significant in stature and full of promise, marks the beginning of a new chapter in the company's storied history—a chapter many investors and market spectators are watching with keen interest.

While the IPO serves as a litmus test for the broader European market, it is also indicative of the enthusiasm with which private equity holders are willing to unlock value and present mature, robust businesses to the public investment community. In a period marked by cautious optimism, Galderma's bold step forward not only heralds what could be a vibrant period for IPOs but also signals the company's readiness to embrace the future with confidence and ambition.

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