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Audi Teams Up with Shelly Group for Ultimate Smart Home and Vehicle Integration


Michael Chen

April 19, 2024 - 08:59 am


Shelly Group Revolutionizes Audi's Infotainment with Smart Control App Integration

SOFIA, Bulgaria and MUNICH, April 19, 2024 /PRNewswire/ -- In a groundbreaking move that showcases the integration of smart technology with luxury automobiles, Shelly Group AD (Ticker: SLYG / ISIN: BG1100003166), a distinguished provider of IoT and smart building solutions, proudly unveils the tailored version of its acclaimed Shelly Smart Control App for a lineup of Audi vehicles. This innovative adaptation, which is fostered on the synergies of Android Automotive OS, will now be featured within the Audi Application Store.

Shelly Group's decision to bring this technology to Audi's elegant fleet allows drivers to exercise a host of intelligent home automation functions from the comfort of their car's infotainment system. This synergy sets a new benchmark whereby vehicle occupants can interact with their smart homes, utilizing capabilities such as the automated arrangement of garage doors, as well as the activation of lights within the garage, various rooms, or across the entire domicile at the mere approach or departure of the homeowner.

Collaborative Excellence with CARIAD and Harman Ignite

The advancement that Shelly Group has made by integrating the Shelly Smart Control app with Audi's Application Store was accomplished through a strategic collaboration with Volkswagen Group's software powerhouse, CARIAD, and Harman Ignite. This refined integration extends beyond the app itself, providing customers with a catalogue of celebrated third-party applications that enhance the in-vehicle experience, all smoothly integrated into the entertainment realm of Audi automobiles. To ensure that drivers have access to the latest functionalities and features, the infotainment system is equipped with regular online updates, thus maintaining the pristine condition and relevance of the apps.

Leadership Perspectives: A Vision of Tomorrow's Automotive Ecosystem

Dimitar Dimitrov, the visionary CEO and founder of Shelly Group, expressed his excitement over the inclusion of Shelly's application into Audi's progressive digital ecosystem. He underscored the company's dedication to center users in the ongoing evolution of app functions and application ranges. Dimitrov is confident that with this native app integration initiative, Shelly Group is amplifying customer focus and asserting their technological prowess. He conveyed his certainty that Audi's clientele will embrace the flawless unity forged between smart home environments and a customizable car infotainment system.

Wolfgang Kirsch, the CEO of Shelly Group, further articulated the import of technological integration across diverse ecosystems as a cornerstone of success. The fusion of life's various facets via smart technology, Kirsch emphasizes, will be pivotal in the coming era. Shelly Group's innovations are already embedded in an extensive range of products and partnerships with prominent entities. He expressed immense pride that the group's advancements, which have proven to be at the vanguard of technology, seamlessly align with Audi's stringent requirements for exclusivity and performance.

A Leap Forward in Smart Technology and Automotive Excellence

The rollout of the Shelly Smart Control app within select Audi models sigposts an epoch where the bounds of automotive and smart home technology are increasingly dissolving. Such alliances are driving the customer experience to new heights, wherein the lines between intuitive home living and the comfort of vehicular interiors are being redrawn. Shelly Group's innovative presence in this avant-garde collaboration lies at the confluence of IoT breakthroughs and automotive refinement, projecting a future where connectivity and sophistication go hand in hand.

Seamless Experience for Audi Owners

Audi applauds the initiative taken by Shelly Group to perfect smart living solutions for their consumers. The introduction of the Shelly Smart Control app aligns with Audi's ambition to extend beyond mere transportation and into a holistic lifestyle proposition that includes smart connectivity solutions. Audi customers can now look forward to the simplicity and convenience of managing their home environment directly from their dashboards, an enhancement that emphasizes the brand's commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction.

Smart Home Automation At Your Fingertips

Imagine departing from work anticipating the welcoming embrace of your home. By simply interacting with your Audi's infotainment system, you can signal your arrival to your smart home. As if by magic, an orchestrated sequence of events unfolds: the garage door rolls open, the lights bloom to a cozy welcome, and your favorite playlist drifts from your home speakers, all orchestrated through the Shelly Smart Control app within your vehicle's console. This is the new paradigm of home automation made possible by integrating advanced digital solutions right into the automotive realm.

The Future of Home Automation and Mobility

The partnership between Shelly Group, Audi, CARIAD, and Harman Ignite paints a vivid picture of the infinite possibilities that the future of home automation and mobility holds. As we step into an era where personalization and seamless user experiences reign supreme, these collaborations will continue to shape a world where every day routines are transformed into sublime, tech-driven experiences. The Shelly Smart Control app is merely the beginning of a journey that sees car infotainment systems evolve into command centers for our lives.


With the introduction of Shelly Group's intelligence and innovation within Audi's vehicle ecosystem, the world is privy to a convergence of cutting-edge tech and automotive luxury. It stands to not only redefine comfort and convenience but also speaks volumes on the potential of smart technology integrations with personal transport solutions. Audi owners around the world, thus welcomed into the vanguard of vehicle-to-home interactivity, can experience the pinnacle of what it means to live smart.

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