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Anixa Biosciences and Cleveland Clinic Forge Future of Cancer Treatment with Vaccines


Benjamin Hughes

May 8, 2024 - 12:25 pm


Pioneering Cancer Vaccines: A Promising Collaboration Between Anixa Biosciences and Cleveland Clinic

Anixa Biosciences, a forefront clinical-stage biotechnology company dedicated to eradicating cancer, has recently announced a groundbreaking joint development agreement with Cleveland Clinic. This collaboration aims to develop innovative vaccines that address various cancer types, promising a new horizon in cancer prevention and treatment.

The venture builds upon ongoing efforts as Cleveland Clinic spearheads a Phase 1 clinical trial targeting the particularly aggressive and lethal triple negative breast cancer (TNBC). Additionally, a vaccine for ovarian cancer is progressing through the pre-clinical phase with the National Cancer Institute's support.

Novel Mechanisms for Cancer Vaccination

The crux of these vaccines lies in a groundbreaking scientific mechanism that immunizes the body against certain "retired" proteins. Researchers discovered these proteins are uniquely expressed in specific cancer types. By proactively targeting these proteins, the goal is for the immune system to detect and destroy emergent cancer cells, potentially halting tumor formation before it starts.

These vaccines, initially developed by stalwarts at Cleveland Clinic, have been granted to Anixa Biosciences, which stands to create a lasting impact by translating this innovative research into viable cancer treatment solutions. This strategic partnership also ensures financial returns for Cleveland Clinic via royalties and other commercial gains.

Lead Researchers Spearheading the Development

The research initiative under this new agreement is orchestrated under the astute leadership of Dr. Thaddeus Stappenbeck, MD, PhD, a respected authority serving as Department Chair of Inflammation and Immunity at Cleveland Clinic. Working alongside Dr. Stappenbeck is Dr. Justin Johnson, PhD, who holds the distinction of co-inventing these vaccines in collaboration with the late Vincent Tuohy, PhD.

Dr. Amit Kumar, a guiding voice for Anixa as its Chairman and CEO, recognizes Cleveland Clinic's instrumental role in progressing these vital vaccine programs. The data emerging from ongoing trials strengthens Anixa’s resolve to expand its research efforts across a broader spectrum of cancers using the same foundational technology platform. Kumar's vision sees Anixa maintaining its pioneering stance in the rapidly evolving domain of cancer vaccine research.

As Anixa and Cleveland Clinic fortify their alliance, Dr. Stappenbeck shares the anticipation of exploring numerous cancers that remain stubbornly difficult to treat. With a lens focused on major afflictions such as lung, colon, and prostate cancers, this endeavor is a beacon of hope for countless individuals and communities affected by these prevalent malignancies.

Engaging the Scientific and Investment Community

Further elaboration on the company's ambitious vision is set to be unfurled by Dr. Kumar at the upcoming Sidoti Micro-Cap Virtual Conference earmarked for May 9, 2024. This platform offers Anixa the unique opportunity to showcase its clinical program aspirations and the exciting expansion of its vaccination enlightenment campaign to a myriad of interested stakeholders.

Conference Details:

  • Presentation: Slotted for Thursday, May 9, 2024, at 11:30 am ET.
  • Presentation Link: Interested parties can Click here to register through Zoom.
  • Conference Registration: Access is available on the conference website.

The detailed presentation will be conveniently hosted on Anixa's company website following the event. Attendees and those unable to participate are encouraged to review the materials to gain deeper insights into these transformative cancer vaccines and Anixa's commitment to driving scientific progress.

Participants are advised to consult the finalized program agenda for any modifications to the date and time of the presentation.

About Anixa Biosciences, Inc.

Anixa stands as a sentinel in the battle against cancer, forging ahead with innovative clinical-stage biotechnological solutions. Its impressive therapeutic repertoire features an ovarian cancer immunotherapy program developed in tandem with Moffitt Cancer Center, incorporating the revolutionary chimeric endocrine receptor T-cell (CER-T) technology.

Simultaneously, Anixa's vaccine roster boasts pioneering vaccines contrived to prevent breast and ovarian cancer. These vaccines are centered around the concept of training the immune system against "retired" proteins specifically linked to certain cancer forms. This bold business model, rooted in collaboration with leading research institutions, propels Anixa forward, perpetually evaluating and embracing emerging technologies for comprehensive development and eventual commercial release.

To delve deeper into Anixa's world of groundbreaking advancements, visit their official portal at Moreover, to remain apprised of the latest updates and milestones, follow Anixa on social platforms including Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, and YouTube.

Forward-Looking Statements

In their pursuit of advancing biomedical research and development, Anixa's communications frequently incorporate projections and anticipations, which are inherently not anchored to historical facts. Benchmarked by terms such as "believes," "expects," "plans" and similar expressions, these forward-looking statements encapsulate the company's visions for future prospects.

Despite the optimistic narrative, such statements inherently carry risks and uncertainties. These could result in material differences between the company's achievements and the performance previously projected. These forward-looking statements are buttressed by a foundation of data and assumptions depicted in Anixa's statutory filings such as Annual Reports (Form 10-K), Quarterly (Form 10-Q), and Current Reports (Form 8-K), providing a comprehensive overview of potential risks and uncertainties.

Anixa observes its solemn duty to update the public regarding modifications in forward-looking statements stemming from fresh information, subsequent events, or other ensuing circumstances, as mandated by law. Caution is advised against an overreliance on these predictive statements when evaluating the company's esteemed propositions.

Contact and Inquiry Details

For further information or detailed inquiries, interested parties are encouraged to connect with Mike Catelani, who holds the titles of President, COO, and CFO at Anixa Biosciences. He can be reached via Email: [email protected] or telephone: 408-708-9808.

In an industry that is swiftly pivoting towards solutions that anticipate disease rather than merely respond to it, Anixa's strategic alliances, such as that with Cleveland Clinic, represent a cornerstone of hope and innovation. This collaboration has the potential to redefine the landscape of cancer treatment and prevention, offering a groundbreaking approach to tackling some of the most challenging and pervasive diseases of our time.

With significant strides already made in the breast cancer vaccine field, exemplified by promising preliminary data, Anixa is steadfast in its pursuit to break new ground in cancer research. As such efforts unfold, the medical community and patients alike hold a collective breath, anticipating a future where cancer can be confronted proactively, before it can claim a foothold in the body, through the power of ground-breaking vaccines.


Anixa Biosciences and Cleveland Clinic's partnership marks a significant leap forward in the ongoing battle against cancer. The cutting-edge approach of targeting retired proteins to prevent various cancer types presents an inspiring vision for a future where the incidence and mortality of this dreadful disease may be dramatically reduced. Fueled by a blend of scientific prowess and a strategic business model, Anixa remains at the forefront of innovation. With anticipation building around their advanced therapeutic options and the upcoming conference, the world eagerly watches as the next chapters in cancer pharmacology are written.

As Anixa blazes a trail through the complexities of cancer research, its unwavering commitment to collaboration and clinical excellence lights the way towards a future filled with promise and hope for cancer patients worldwide.

Note: The information presented in this article is subject to change, and participants interested in Anixa Biosciences' endeavors should refer to official sources for the most current information. The forward-looking statements herein are not guarantees of future performance and involve inherent risks and uncertainties, any of which could significantly alter the outcomes expressed or implied by such statements.