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AI Revolution Eminent: Ericsson Unveils its Decisive Role in 2030's Society


Benjamin Hughes

June 4, 2024 - 07:58 am


Embracing the Future: AI to Pioneer Major Decisions in Life, Says Ericsson Survey

In an era anticipating rapid technological advancements, a recent survey conducted by Ericsson offers a vision of a future deeply integrated with Artificial Intelligence (AI). Having canvassed the insights of over 6,500 early technology adopters across 13 cities, the Swedish multinational network and telecommunications company unveils scenarios that may define our existence in the 2030s.

Ericsson's extensive inquiry revealed that an overwhelming majority of early adopters predict AI will be pivotal in major decision-making processes. These individuals, at the forefront of embracing innovation, foresee that AI will not only facilitate but actively participate in life-altering choices. From purchasing homes and stocks to influencing health and lifestyle amendments, the application of AI simulations is projected to be widespread, culminating in a considerable dependency on technological guidance.

This reliance extends into the realm of parenting, with anticipations of AI bolstering children’s skillsets, as well as playing an influential role in securing employment, thereby weaving AI into the very fabric of daily life.

The participants evaluated a multitude of service ideas, spanning across 15 distinct domains including fashion, entertainment, and occupation. Among these technology-savvy adopters, a dichotomy surfaces, carving them into ‘AI hopefuls’ brimming with optimism, and ‘AI fearful,’ burdened with trepidation about our AI-coupled future.

Alarmingly, even the staunchest proponents of AI harbor doubts over maintaining sovereignty over how AI influences their lives. Slightly over a third of AI enthusiasts believe in their continued control over AI utilization in their lives by 2030. Such unease escalates among skeptic adopters, with the consensus reflecting a foreseen AI omnipresence that may eclipse individual influence.

Within these contrasting outlooks, a common trait emerges: nearly everyone concedes that at least some of the ten trends predicted by the report will materialize. Strikingly, the survey underscores a potential paradox where neglecting AI's counsel could signify the hallmark of innovation in the future, as suggested by 58 percent of respondents. Disregarding AI might very well become the exceptional approach that carves the path for success.

The Future Deciphered: Ericsson's 10 Hot Consumer AI Trends

Michael Björn, Head of Research Agenda at Ericsson Consumer & IndustryLab, stresses the anticipated impact of AI on day-to-day existence and the implications it harbors for network capabilities and data management. He also accentuates the growing need for AI-focused enterprises to heed consumer concerns during development processes.

Let us unravel the fabric of this envisioned AI-powered future with the highlighted 'Ten Trends':

01. Artificial Shoppers

Imagine AI shopping assistants that render advertising irrelevant, with three-quarters of early adopters envisaging a scenerio where such technology screens out adverts. Simultaneously, large tech entities may exploit these assistants to sway consumer spending.

02. Generative Fashion

The confluence of AI and fashion raises questions about the genesis of future trends. Whether human artistry or AI-generated standards will dominate the scene, the survey indicates a future where humans may resort to plastic surgery to achieve their ideal AI-prescribed beauty.

03. Sentient Screenplays

In a twist to personal entertainment, AI cloned friends could become cinematic co-stars. Sixty-eight percent of those surveyed envision the possibility of cloning friends using AI, allowing them to feature in personalized stories.

04. Human Digital Twins

Risk mitigation reaches a new zenith as AI simulates key life events, reducing uncertainty. Half of the respondents believe individuals will simulate major life changes, such as marriage, to evaluate potential future crises or separations.

05. Programmed Progeny

AI may alleviate parental strife, yet fears regarding emotional detachment persist. Seventy-four percent foresee AI parenting assistants enhancing children's technical skills, but, in tandem, potentially hindering their creative and emotional development.

06. Govern by AI

Public-serving AI could revolutionize society, but it may find a challenger in corporate AIs. An overwhelming majority believe these corporate algorithms will surpass public-service counterparts in intelligence.

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07. Empower-less Employees

While AI promises to propel work performance, it could also strip roles of their sense of purpose. Sixty-seven percent wager that having AI by one's side will become integral to securing preferred job roles.

08. Data Disorder

The control and ownership of data remain central concerns. Seventy-five percent predict the emergence of regulations enabling individuals to opt out of data control, signaling a potential shift towards digital sovereignty.

09. AI Running Wild

The interconnection of AIs might spur independent agendas. Fifty-nine percent caution that cohabitation with AIs might prove challenging, hinting at potential conflicts between human interests and self-evolving AIs.

10. Key Keepers

The automation extends to digital authentication, where AI 'key keepers' could alleviate the burden of manual access processes. Seven out of ten anticipate the end of traditional login methods, with AI handling secure access to digital spaces.

Delve further into these insights and explore the detailed predictions by accessing the Ericsson ConsumerLab 10 Hot Consumer Trends for the 2030s - the AI-Powered Future report.

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