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ACE Money Transfer & Bank AL Habib Unveil Umrah Rewards for Overseas Pakistanis


Benjamin Hughes

March 27, 2024 - 14:51 pm


ACE Money Transfer and Bank AL Habib Launch Rewarding Umrah Packages for Overseas Pakistanis

MANCHESTER, England – March 27, 2024 – ACE Money Transfer, a prominent remittance service provider with its headquarters in Manchester, UK, has once again partnered with Bank AL Habib, a leading commercial bank in Pakistan, to present a lucrative offer to the Pakistani diaspora. The initiative aims to encourage overseas Pakistanis to utilize formal channels for sending money back home, thereby positively contributing to the country's economic fortification. As part of this campaign, participants stand a chance to win one of 25 Umrah packages, enabling them to embark on the sacred journey during the holy month. In a grand gesture, two fortunate individuals will be awarded a staggering cash prize of rupees 1 crore each.

The Significance of Legal Channels for Remittances

Remittances are a cornerstone of Pakistan's economic structure, significantly bolstering the nation’s foreign exchange reserves. Their immense contribution is a catalyst for economic progression and greater stability within the country. However, utilizing informal channels to send money can lead to increased risks, including lack of reliability and potential security concerns.

Therefore, the patronage of legal means is paramount. The incentive program laid out by ACE Money Transfer and Bank AL Habib during Ramadan is more than a promotional strategy; it is an essential component in supporting the nation's growth and ensuring familial welfare throughout Pakistan.

How to Enter the Prize Draw?

Participating in this exclusive offer is a straightforward affair. Remitters from the UK, Europe, Canada, or Australia are required to make a transfer to Pakistan utilizing either ACE Money Transfer's app or their website. The funds can be directed to any Bank AL Habib account or collected as cash at one of the bank's extensive network of over 1,100 branches throughout Pakistan. Crucially, participants must enter the promotional code "UMRAH" whilst arranging their transaction. This opportunity is exclusively available throughout Ramadan 2024, making it both a seasonal and spiritual affair.

Speaking on this joint venture, Mr. Rashid Ashraf, CEO of ACE Money Transfer, commented on the profound depth of the campaign. “This bond between our institutions embodies more than simple financial transactions. It is a recognition of the sacred month of Ramadan, a time for introspection, acts of kindness, and for fortifying family connections. We, at ACE Money Transfer, are immensely proud to rejuvenate our enduring alliance with Bank AL Habib, providing overseas Pakistanis with an avenue for impactful contributions, while furthering the economic pursuits of Pakistan."

In alignment with this sentiment, Mr. Aun Ali, Group Head – Business at Bank AL Habib, expressed his delight regarding the initiation of the campaign: “It is with great enthusiasm that we unveil our collaborative media campaign with ACE Money Transfer during the spiritually magnanimous month of Ramadan. This endeavor exemplifies our dedication to nurturing a meaningful rapport with our clientele and inspires the use of lawful channels for remittances to Pakistan.”

Ali Zafar, the esteemed ambassador of the campaign, conveyed his pride in being associated with such a noble cause: “It’s an honor to participate in this initiative. During Ramadan especially, the act of giving holds immense significance, and it’s pivotal that these contributions are delivered securely to their rightful beneficiaries. By choosing legal remittance pathways provided by ACE Money Transfer and Bank AL Habib, the expatriate Pakistani community can ensure their hard-earned money is not only sent safely but also aids in reinforcing the economic foundation of their homeland.”

Rewarding the Spirit of Giving

Each transaction made through ACE Money Transfer in adherence to the participation criteria not only amplifies the prospects of winning an Umrah package but, more importantly, bolsters the mechanisms through which Pakistan's economy can thrive. It is an action that upholds the spirit of Ramadan and embodies the principles of giving and selflessness that the month represents.

The collaboration taps into the generosity that is synonymous with the Pakistani diaspora, motivating them to contribute in a manner that assures an influx of legitimate funds into the nation's financial reservoirs. Moreover, the initiative is an acknowledgment of the essential role overseas Pakistanis play in sustaining the country's fiscal health.

Simplifying Remittances

ACE Money Transfer has streamlined the process of sending money, acknowledging the need for convenience and security in financial transactions made by expatriates. The company's digital platform offers a user-friendly interface, ensuring a smooth experience for those wishing to support their families and the economic structure of Pakistan from miles away. With Bank AL Habib's extensive reach across the country, beneficiaries have varied options to access funds, whether directly into a bank account or through a cash pick-up service.

Bank AL Habib, on the other hand, is reputed for its customer-centric approach and its drive to innovate banking services, ensuring that customers' financial needs are met with integrity and efficiency. The enhancement of this customer service through the campaign further establishes the bank’s position as a trusted institution for managing funds sent from overseas.

Strengthening Economic Ties

This incentive underscores the significance of remittances in weaving a stronger economic fabric for Pakistan. Recognizing and harnessing the potential of these financial inflows from the global Pakistani community is indispensable. The efforts of individuals who work untiringly abroad emerge as a beacon of support for their loved ones back home, and institutions like ACE Money Transfer and Bank AL Habib ensure that these efforts are maximized in benefit and security.

Moreover, the collaboration between ACE Money Transfer and Bank AL Habib is a testament to the constructive role financial institutions can play in aligning their services with cultural and religious sentiments that motivate their customers. By doing so, they do not only engage in commerce but also participate in the cultural life of expatriates, fostering a sense of belonging and community regardless of geographic distances.

The Month of Generosity

Ramadan, the month of fasting, prayer, and reflection, is also a time of increased charity. It’s believed that good deeds performed during this holy month carry a higher spiritual reward. Consequently, the campaign by ACE Money Transfer and Bank AL Habib resonates deeply with the values of the season, intertwining the act of giving with the act of winning, symbolizing a cycle of prosperity for the individual and the country alike.

The use of the promotional code 'UMRAH’ serves not only as an entry to the prize draw but also as a symbolic representation of the rewards that extend beyond the material; it encapsulates the essence of a pilgrimage - a journey of faith, an expression of devotion, and a longing for divine rewards, which the campaign ingeniously mirrors through the opportunity of winning Umrah packages.

A Continuation of Tradition

This initiative also marks the continuation of a tradition by ACE Money Transfer and Bank AL Habib, uplifting their history of creating opportunities for overseas Pakistanis to maintain strong ties with their roots while supporting the economy. It is a tradition that has become synonymous with Ramadan, rekindling a sense of unity and purpose among the Pakistani diaspora, and reinforcing their role in the nation’s narrative of growth and prosperity.

Empowerment through Education

Also integral to the progression of the country, and a cornerstone to the ethos of both institutions is the emphasis on financial literacy and empowerment. By engaging the public in initiatives that spotlight the importance of formal channels for remittances, both ACE Money Transfer and Bank AL Habib indirectly promote a culture of informed financial decision-making.

A Call to Action

The leaders of both ACE Money Transfer and Bank AL Habib urge the Pakistani diaspora to contemplate the broader implications of their participation. With each remittance that enriches Pakistan's reserves through this campaign, the individuals take part in a larger narrative of success – one that secures the economic well-being for numerous families and helps the nation stride confidently on the path of fiscal independence and strength.

For additional information and to partake in this charitable campaign, interested parties can visit the ACE Money Transfer website.

The logo and branding of ACE Money Transfer that signal trust and commitment in the field of remittance services can be found here.

As the anticipated month of generosity approaches, the gesture from ACE Money Transfer and Bank AL Habib resonates as a beacon for those who seek to do good, encouraging the spirit of giving while reaping rewards that are both worldly and beyond.

In conclusion, the collaboration of ACE Money Transfer and Bank AL Habib sets forth a precedent not only for the remittance service industry but for the Pakistani community-at-large—presenting a comprehensive blend of benevolence, faith, and economic wisdom during the blessed month of Ramadan.